As per our mission statement, we offer not only workshops and game nights but also other events 🙂

From Game Nights to game jams/hackathons, we try our hardest to make opportunities for our members to express their creativity through an interactive medium.

Here’s a list of our past/current events:


Kiwijam is a nationwide game jam that started in 2014. Founded by Ben Kenobi, yes that is his name, the purpose of this jam is to have all the creatives in NZ coalesce and have their energies clash to create a product in celebration of what we love most, games.

Some use this as an opportunity to show off their stuff, others use this as a chance to meet new like-minded people and develop their skills in new ways. You can find out more by clicking the link above.

Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam (GGJ) is another game jam that is celebrated here in NZ. Founded in 2010, GGJ is a 48-hour Global Game Dev event where people make a game at the end of this event.

With keynote speakers and sponsors all around the globe, this is an event that surely should not be missed.

Click on the link above to know more

Chill Night

Originally an irl (In Real Life XD) meeting, this is a meetup that happens the week following one of our workshops. This is so that people can come along, Switch (off) and have a chat about all things #gamedev.

Whether it be a Q&A about our previous workshop or playing games on our PCs, this is a time for you to shut down and relax. Ignore the rest of the world and enjoy the moment 🙂

Stay tuned for more info.

GDG Podcast

That’s right, we’re starting our own podcast series!

We’ll be doing things from discussing game dev topics, Q&A with guest speakers and even let’s plays of games we love. We’ll dissect & digress our way through the show and tell you what our thoughts are when it comes to games and game dev!

Stay tuned for more info 😉

And we’re just getting started! Here’s a list of what we have currently as well as events that we help promote through our social media.

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