Full disclosure, we’re not magicians. For Pete’s sake, we’re game developers, not miracle workers!

Like our members, the GDG council started from level zero and took the things we learnt into practice and we… well here we are XD

If you’re keen to up your #knowledge stat from noob level to less-noob level, check out out the links below:

GDG Resource Drive

GDG Resource Drive is our go-to source of knowledge. We pilfer and absorb books, articles and even forum threads and keep them in this hoard.

Click the link to absorb our #knowledge!

GDG YouTube Channel

A recent addition to our media presence, the GDG YouTube Channel contains recordings of our tutorial live streams and stuff from our Chill Nights and the like.

Let’s Plays, podcasts, you name it we have it!
Click the link to know more 🙂

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