Kiwijam is a nationwide game jam that started in 2014. For those who’re curious, game jams are hackathons, events where you make a thing in a certain timeframe.

These aren’t just fun to be involved in — submissions give a good idea of short-term goals for budding game devs.

Founded by Ben Kenobi, the purpose of this jam is to have all the creatives in NZ coalesce and have their energies clash to create a product in celebration of what we love most, games.

Some use this as an opportunity to show off their stuff, others use this as a chance to meet new like-minded people and develop their skills in new ways

Here are some pics of Kiwijam last year

Keen To Know More?

If you’d like to know more or are keen to join this year’s one, go to and express your interest there. We’re keen to have you on board!

Still not sure? Here are some entries made by our jammers from previous years:

Kiwijam ’19:

Kiwijam ’18:

Kiwijam ’17:

Kiwijam ’16:

Kiwijam ’15:

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