Game dev workshops are tutorials where we teach one key aspect of game development. From coding to art all the way to marketing & publishing, the GDG will give you the necessary skills to make your own game by the end of the semester

Once a weekly event, the GDG now host our workshops roughly once a fortnight, giving you two weeks to play around with each workshop’s content.

Not compulsory to attend, but we encourage you to come, improve and practise your development skills with like-minded people!

For off-weeks between workshops, we have Chill Nights, where anyone can drop in and make stuff, ask questions or chat about all things #gamedev.

If your keener to sit down, relax and talk to other game devs Chill Nights are also when we unwind, play some games and talk about what’s going on

Rest assured, the GDG is a safe inclusive space where everyone’s voices are respected and heard 🙂

Here’s a list of our workshops for Semester One 2020:

Launch Night
Workshop 1 – The Fundamentals of Unity
Workshop 2 – Art In Other Things
Workshop 3 – Coding Crusaders
Workshop 4 – Everything Is Here!
Workshop 5 – Mad Men

Keen To Know More?

Just like our members, the GDG started with the basics. We have collected a knowledge base for all our members to use and can make you the best like no one ever was 🙂

Click the link below to take your first step!

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