Our Story

Founded in 2017, the Game Developer Guild was created due to the lack of courses within the university that teach students the fundamentals of game development as well as no clubs that promote the game dev industry. So, Seo-In Park along with a few others decided to take it upon themselves to make people aware of game development and mentor students to develop their ideas and forge a community of creatives who can develop their ideas into a viable product to show to their friends and to the greater global market.

According to Seo-In’s words:

We want to help people make a game from either making a space for them to talk about their ideas or to simply show them the ropes. Either way, we want to show them that being a game dev is fun!

Seo-In Park, Guildmaster 2019.
GDG's Story Photo

The Game Developer Guild is an Auckland-based student body that works to promote the field of game development to university students from all faculties, backgrounds and communities. Founded in 2017, our organisation aims to provide students with mentoring, development and networking opportunities in a growing creative technology industry.

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