GDG Newsletter February 2019

The Big Gay Out In the spirit of #pride month, the GDG visited the Pride events here in Auckland throughout the whole of February in support of the Rainbow Community. Amongst our members, the GDG makes sure that everyone’s voices are respected and heard. We thank RocketWerkz for sponsoring Pride Auckland and we hope to

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GDG Newsletter January 2019

CoNZealand 2020 CoNZealand is an annual sci-fi event, held in Wellington, and is part of a bigger sci-fi convention (known as Worldcons). They cater to anything sci-fi (i.e. from novels to cosplay) and recently a member of their cohort reached out to the NZGDA for games related to sci-fi. So, if you’re a Whovian or

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GDG Newsletter December 2019

MDS Grad Showcase As it wasn’t being broadcast through social media as much as it should, Media Design School hosted their annual end-of-year showcase. They highlighted the 3rd year’s final projects to potential investors, their former mentors and of course, the public 😉 It truly was an amazing experience, seeing all those creatives in one

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GDG Newsletter November 2019

Armageddon That’s right folks, we, the council, took it upon ourselves to visit Armageddon with most staying only on the weekend and one of us staying through the whole thing (heck, he even camped at Cornwall Park. We haven’t seem him since.) AUT Design Showcase For those that don’t follow our Facebook/Discord, AUT had an

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GDG Newsletter October 2019

Another week, another boutique of uniqueness entailing a sleek enchantment for this sheik of a group whilst containing the weakness of the artist within…Okay, I’m done XD Workshop 6 State of Play Hope you had a good introduction to the backbone of game development, coding. We hope you learned a lot and can now say

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