GDG Newsletter November 2019


That’s right folks, we, the council, took it upon ourselves to visit Armageddon with most staying only on the weekend and one of us staying through the whole thing (heck, he even camped at Cornwall Park. We haven’t seem him since.)

AUT Design Showcase

For those that don’t follow our Facebook/Discord, AUT had an end-of-year showcase where most of their senior students get to show and tell their final year project.

Also, this is the final showcase where Ben Kenobi, head of the Creative Tech department, was still considered as staff. From here on out, he’ll be wandering off to Whangarei and helping out the Interactive Media scene in a part-time basis.

Here is a collage of photos gathered from the event and a goodbye to Ben for his service to the game dev scene here in Auckland:

And that’s the end of our newsletter. Tune in to our socials below for more gaming news and dev related content. As an end note, here are some more photos that we took from an AR/VR Showcase a few weeks ago.

The council hopes you have enjoyed and stay golden 😉

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