GDG Newsletter January 2019

Global Game Jam
University of Auckland

That’s right. Auckland Uni is hosting another Game Jam and it’s only a few weeks away!

For those who don’t know, Global Game Jam is an annual event where people from all over the globe celebrate the industry by making games and creating new things.

In 2019, the previous theme was “What home means to you?” and a team made a game where you play as a Living House trying to find your lost “family”. It’s called Familysick and you can find it here:

If you have some ideas on your mind and are keen to try it out, you can register at the link below.

CoNZealand 2020

CoNZealand is an annual sci-fi event, held in Wellington, and is part of a bigger sci-fi convention (known as Worldcons).

They cater to anything sci-fi (i.e. from novels to cosplay) and recently a member of their cohort reached out to the NZGDA for games related to sci-fi. So, if you’re a Whovian or a Trekkie (sorry for the Jedis out there) and are interested check them out through the picture on the right.

Play by Play 2020

For those that are planning to travel in 2020, Play by Play is a three-day games conference held at the cultural centre of NZ; Wellington.

As part of the NZ Games Festival, you get to see a variety of speakers giving talks about diversity, games and what it’s like being in the industry. A majority of the attendees are veterans within game dev and are more than happy for a chat to those that are starting out 🙂

If you have a game in the works or are interested in game dev, feel free to come along. You can follow the links below for updates.

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