GDG Newsletter October 2019

Another week, another boutique of uniqueness entailing a sleek enchantment for this sheik of a group whilst containing the weakness of the artist within…
Okay, I’m done XD

Workshop 6 State of Play

Hope you had a good introduction to the backbone of game development, coding. We hope you learned a lot and can now say “Hello World!” in Microsoft Java XD

Jokes aside, coding is one of the key aspects of being a game dev as it is the source of making the design move the way that it does, the mechanics function like it is and your dream into fruition.

These links below are a good way to further your coding journey: Codeacademy:
I know a few people that have used this and are now leaders of their Development team!

Game Devs at Aotea Square

Ben Kenobi, industry leader at the Auckland Game Dev scene, calls for an expression of interest from local developers who have a game that is meant for the big screens of Aotea Square
They’re looking for 6 locally made games to be at three summer evenings. Each event will showcase 2 of the games for an hour each. Games that can be enjoyed by many people over a short period of time are preferred.

So, if you have the game that can shine in the spotlight this is for you 🙂

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